Kudzu Kings (kud-zoo kingz) (Reges pueraria sollemnitas) have been on a musical crusade since 1994, playing at festivals and music venues in the Southeast and beyond with their diverse catalogue of original music and decidedly waggish banter. These good-time botanical royalists gained early popularity playing the jamband circuit. However, the majority of their songs are in a more traditional vein: true stories about life in the South, in a style they describe as “funktry”. (See except in the book Jambands: the complete guide to the players, music, and scene by Dean Budnick). In 2020, the band was honored with an exhibit and living e-archive in the Universtiy of Mississippi Blues Archive. 

Although the band has had personnel changes over the past thirty years, the original lineup has been reunited and play together for the last decade: Tate Moore (vocals, acoustic guitar), Robert Chaffe (keyboards), “Kudzu” Dave Woolworth (vocals, bass), Max Williams (vocals, lead guitar), Chuck Sigler (drums), and George McConnell (vocals, rhythm, and lead guitars; also, formerly of Beanland and Widespread Panic). 

Kudzu Kings’ music has a broad and empyrean appeal to the young and adventurous at heart across the entire Southern Zodiac. Where this band goes, good times follow. 

About Kudzu Kings