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Press release Kudzu Kings

The Return of the Kings: The Kings are back to Imperial pursuits.

After a self-imposed mini-exile (circa 5/13/2003 to 5/14/2003), the Kudzu Kings of Oxford, Mississippi have reforged themselves: crazy as ever, and with just a wee bit more finesse than you (might) remember. Core members Tate Moore, Robert Chaffe, and Kudzu Dave Woolworth are reunited with original lead guitarists Max Williams and George McConnell. Drummer Kenny Graeber rounds out the sextet. Rock solid and Real Country. Why are they classified as a jam band, anyway? (most songs under 5 minutes and with a hook). I guess you need to be there.

Songs about the South: songs about dogs, beer, and relationships gone south. Count on nothing but fun and the ridiculous banter that is the earmark of the consummate (un)professionals of Funktry. Yes, folks, Funktry is a music classification, or at least band members say that with conviction.

The band has been playing a number of Mississippi field and city festivals in recent years – and a handful of regional appearances – in preparation for the full-band return to New Orleans and Tipitina’s. “I just wanted to make sure that I didn't screw any of the notes up,” says keyboardist Robert Chaffe matter-of-factly, “and Kenny is constantly doing the para-diddle-diddles and hey-diddle-diddles, like, constantly.”  

It has been a few years since some things have happened, but you can still hear tales of flying golf carts, late night chicken fight races on the asphalt, and skinny dipping with St. Bernards to name a few.

True stories, and some of the stories are in song form.

The Kings have returned. It is time, New Orleans. We will see you there.


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